Entrepreneurship Mastery (13-17)

SGD 540

Do You Want to Change the World?

13-17 Years Old | Share

Course Duration:
12 lessons x 2 hours each lesson

Course Fees:
SGD25 per hour (SGD600 for full course)

Payment Options:
One-time payment: SGD 600 540 (save $60!)
Recurring billing: 3 payments of SGD200 per month: Link for payment

Course Description:
Have you ever watched Shark Tank? Or heard of this business concept called the lemonade stand that every American movie with kids always talk about.
Entrepreneurs change the community around them, and soon, you'll be changing the world! Sounds like a dream? It's not! It was enthusiastic young people who created Facebook, Instagram, Grab, Carousell and more!

In this course, you will learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and you'll learn the skills you need in order to build your own business


You will also enjoy a lesson of coaching by our mindfulness coach, where you learn about yourself, your strengths (and how to maximize them), practising positivity and how not to let stress break you.

Cancellation Policy:
We want you to buy our courses with confidence, so we offer a hassle-free 100% money back guarantee. Just email hello@smarterme.sg (within 24 hours after the first class) and you will get your full refund within 5 working days. No small print, no questions asked.

21st Century Skills

Hard skills can only take you so far. Which is why we weaved key 21st century skills into all our Mastery courses.

Problem-Solving & Innovation
Identifying problems, challenging status quo
Speaking to users to survey, Presentation pitch
Work in teams to create a business
Taking negative feedback

Lesson Plan

Resilience, curiosity, initiative, optimism, and adaptability are important entrepreneurial attributes. We will explore the entrepreneurial journey through a fun game!

How are famous startups innovating and disrupting the world? What are the types of innovation possible? What are the key Megatrends that will define the next generation of entrepreneurs

After identifying a Megatrend that resonates with you, you'll need to create a persona for your user and understand the problems they face by conducting interviews

You've identified the problems faced by your persona. Now, can you come up with solutions to these problems? Is this a problem faced by many people?

How feasible is your idea as a business? Is there a large market for this? Is anyone else doing it? Are customers willing to pay for it? Are there any barriers to entry?

What is the profile of your target customer? Who are the customers you should go after first? Understanding your customer will help validate the business idea

What benefit does your target customer get from using your product/service? How is your product/service better in relation to competitors?

An idea is great, but how do you price it, make money? You'll learn all that, and come up with the ideal business model for your start-up!

Whether it is an app or a website a working prototype highlighting the key features will help judges understand your business better

This is the best part - you'll be putting together your business pitch, from start to end including the problem statement, the market, and your solution to the problem

In this session, you will learn the art of storytelling and crafting a compelling pitch. We will also host a guest entrepreneur to answer your most burning questions

You will be presenting your business pitch for your start-up. Entrepreneurs face a lot of competing thoughts, so you will also learn about your feelings and how to regulate disruptive emotions

Mastery Projects

Our Mastery courses are jam-packed with cool projects, so that you can see your learnings come to life!

Pitch Your Startup

Students will develop a detailed business plan based on key Megatrends and then present it to our panel of experienced entrepreneurs and industry professionals

Meet Your Instructors

Ee Ling

Ee Ling is the Founder of Smarter Me and has a decade of experience in investment banking, advising corporates in South East Asia on investments and capital fund-raising at a bulge bracket investment bank. She has been invited to speak at DBS, 938Now, MoneyFM 89.3, General Assembly and has also been featured in The Straits Times and Asian Money Guide, amongst others. An advocate of life-long learning, she has completed the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Program developed by Google, and IDEO.org's Human Centered Design course.

How It Works

Live Video Streaming

Our courses are taught via live video streaming (like a Skype call!), which means students can view their instructor and fellow coursemates throughout the class, ask questions and get them answered, live.

Video Playback

Want to revisit something taught during the lesson? Students can access the video recording of the class and workbooks with lesson recaps and supplemental materials.

Community Of Masters

Students get access to an exclusive community, where you can share videos and pictures of your projects and get feedback from your instructor and fellow coursemates

Real World Experience*

Don’t just take it from us - hear from the employers! By joining this course, you’ll get to visit our partners who represent cutting-edge technology and future economy, and benefit from a pitch to or project review by them*!

What You Need

Laptop/Computer with Camera

Steps to join live classroom

Headset/Earphones with Mic

Lots of enthusiasm to create!

* We will provide instructions to download the software / app upon sign up. No additional cost to purchase these.

Online Safety

We are parents too - so we take online safety and privacy really seriously. All our instructors have gone through checks, all posts, messages and videos are moderated.

If we learn that personal information of a child user has been shared and collected on our platform without parental consent, then Smarter Me will take appropriate steps to delete this information.

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