Coding Mastery (9-12) | Level 2

SGD 540

Level up your coding skills

9-12 Years Old | Share

Course Duration:
12 lessons x 2 hours each lesson

Course Fees:
SGD25 per hour (SGD600 for full course)

Payment Options:
One-time payment: SGD 600 540 (save $60!)
Recurring billing: 3 payments of SGD200 per month: Link for payment

Course Description:
Tried coding and enjoyed it? Don't let that go to waste (because coding is a KEY skill for the future). 

In this Level 2 course, we move away from the basics and introduce advanced scripts, game techniques and REAL game design. This is where your creativity kicks in, to not only take your programming skills to the next level, but creates games that you can proudly show off!

Because we believe resilience and growth mindset is super critical, students will also go through 4 hours of coaching by our mindfulness coach, where they learn about their strengths (and how to maximize them), positive and growth mindset, and how not to let stress break them.

You must have (1) completed Level 1 of our Coding Mastery Course OR (2) Done at least 15-20 hours of coding (whether at camp, on your own, or with another coding school). 

Cancellation Policy:
We want you to buy our courses with confidence, so we offer a hassle-free 100% money back guarantee. Just email (within 24 hours after the first class) and you will get your full refund within 5 working days. No small print, no questions asked.

21st Century Skills

Hard skills can only take you so far. Which is why we weaved key 21st century skills into all our Mastery courses.

Problem-Solving & Innovation
Alternative game and animation
Explaining design
Game project teamwork

Lesson Plan

What does it comprise of? Let's also go through debugging codes for games

Get introduced to Space Invaders. What are the elements required in space invaders? Let's look at the different versions of the same game!

We look at stationary alien spaceships and the winning / losing conditions

We look at swaying alien spaceships (left and right) and the winning / losing conditions

We look at homing alien spaceships (moving towards you) and the winning / losing conditions

Now, let's merge the different styles of Space Invaders together, and learn how are different game modes packaged into 1

We're going to introduce the concept of gravity in to your game, advanced variables such as Random Number Generator (RNG)

We'll work on a platforming game and a side-scroller game

Yay, now we design the initial concept of your game based on 5 elements of Game Theory

Start initial development of the basics of your game and conduct Alpha testing

Beta testing and improvement of the game and present your game!

We end the course with a re-cap on growth mindset, stress management and leveraging your strengths

Mastery Projects

Our Mastery courses are jam-packed with cool projects, so that you can see your learnings come to life!

Space Invaders with Your Own Twist

As you learn about the design blocks behind this classic Space Invaders, you'll apply the concepts to your own version of Space Invaders

Design Your Own Game

Your imagination is the limit! Using the 5 elements of Game Theory, you will be creating your own unique game, get friends to test it, and create one that wows your followers

Meet Your Instructors


Sendy has trained children ages 4 and up on coding and robotics, teaching Code For Fun projects in Singapore MOE schools since 2015. He developed the curriculum for Robotics enrichment courses for students at the Learning Horizon Pre-schools, Northlight School and United World College.

Sendy is the Chief Learning Officer at The Enrichment Ark and was the Technology Learning Developer at The Keys Academy. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical Engineering) from NUS and is a registered MOE instructor.

When not teaching, Sendy is usually gaming. That's how he got interested in coding, in fact!

Anji Hallewell

Anji will be teaching the Mindfulness and Self-Actualization modules for this Mastery course. Anji is a Natural Strengths and Mindfulness coach and Founder of Hidden Lava. Anji’s passion is to transform people’s mindset and setting them up for success, by helping them understand their strengths and virtues and empowering them to shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Anji has delivered mindset, strength finding and mindfulness workshops to individuals and corporations. “Mindfulness is not mumbo jumbo, it really has a positive impact on peoples' lives”

How It Works

Live Video Streaming

Our courses are taught via live video streaming (like a Skype call!), which means students can view their instructor and fellow coursemates throughout the class, ask questions and get them answered, live.

Video Playback

Want to revisit something taught during the lesson? Students can access the video recording of the class and workbooks with lesson recaps and supplemental materials.

Community Of Masters

Students get access to an exclusive community, where you can share videos and pictures of your projects and get feedback from your instructor and fellow coursemates

Real World Experience*

Don’t just take it from us - hear from the employers! By joining this course, you’ll get to visit our partners who represent cutting-edge technology and future economy, and benefit from a pitch to or project review by them*!

What You Need

Laptop/Computer with Camera

Steps to join live classroom

Headset/Earphones with Mic


* We will provide instructions to download the software / app upon sign up. No additional cost to purchase these.

Online Safety

We are parents too - so we take online safety and privacy really seriously. All our instructors have gone through checks, all posts, messages and videos are moderated.

If we learn that personal information of a child user has been shared and collected on our platform without parental consent, then Smarter Me will take appropriate steps to delete this information.

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