What is Smarter Me's School of Mastery?

Learn the most essential technical and 21st century skills through our live streaming classes, from the comfort of your home. Get future-ready.




Design Thinking

Live Video Streaming

Our lessons are taught via live video streaming, which means students and the teacher interact with each other in real time, and any questions can be answered live!

Project-Based Learning

Each Mastery course has a clear learning outcome and a final project that students complete by the end of 12 weeks. It could be a playstore-ready app, a full Silicon Valley-style business pitch or even a new phone design!

Holistic Learning

We don’t just teach hard skills, we incorporate mindfulness, self-actualization and happiness into our curriculum. In this day and age, it’s important to help kids understand themselves, to develop grit, and to be happy.

Relevant to the Real World

Our Mastery courses are not only created by industry practitioners, but contains real-world challenges presented by our corporate partners. That’s future-employer endorsement for you. Because we don’t believe in learning, without knowing why and what for.

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