At Smarter Me, we want to inspire kids to discover, grow and live their passion

Who We Are

We are a live online school that offers classes in critical knowledge and skills for the future to children.

Our Vision

To be a global school that prepares kids with the skillset, mindset and heartset, to define and achieve their own success and happiness in the future world.

Meet The Team

Lim Ee Ling

Co-Founder & CEO

Ee Ling was an Investment Banker for 10 years, advising corporates of all sorts in South East Asia. She saw a huge gap between her kids' education and the fast-changing global economy and realised that her purpose in life is to inspire people to push to be the better version of themselves, through education. She believes that the path to success and happiness is being curious and always learning.

Liaw Yit Ming


Yit Ming brings with him 15 years of experience in deal-making and financial literacy, having been the Head of Strategy and Development at one of the world’s largest healthcare companies. Inspired by his 9-year old daughter who learnt to code on her own online, his mission is to empower children with the mindset that "Everything you can dream of creating is possible"

Gary Alexander Tan

Curriculum Director

Gary has spent almost 20 years as an educator, with years spent in student leadership and talent development, as a Head of Department with the Ministry of Education of Singapore. Gary collaborated with SRI International to review their global 21st century curriculum design and teaches STEM education at several preschools and international schools in Singapore. Gary holds a Master of Arts, a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), and a Diploma in Education from NTU.

Anji Hallewell

Master Teacher for Mindfulness

Anji is a Natural Strengths and Mindfulness coach and Founder of Hidden Lava. In the past 12 years, Anji has helped people find their strengths and virtues. Working with positive psychology, mindfulness and the Enneagram, Anji’s coaching and training programmes bring transformational mindset shifts that create sustainable change.

Dawn Sim

Master Teacher for Mindfulness

Dawn is the Founder and Director of The Open Centre, holds a Master of Social Science in Professional Counselling and is a mindfulness-based psychotherapist and trainer who has worked in Osaka, Paris, New York and Hong Kong. She is a certified trainer of .b, Paws b and .b Foundations mindfulness curriculum, a qualified teacher of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme, and on the way to being certified under Google’s Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.


Master Teacher for Coding

A mechanical (aeronautics) engineer turned coding and robotics instructor, Sendy developed the curriculum for students at UWC, Learning Horizon pre-schools and Northlight school and has been teaching Code for Fun classes in MOE schools

Jason Demetillo

Master Teacher for Design Thinking

Six-time Silicon Valley Designer. Jay has worked at Twitter, Yahoo and Pinterest in San Francisco, before moving across the world to join Grab as Lead UX/ Visual Designer. He loves giving back to children, and has taught design at California College of the Arts, Art & Creativity Global in China and Inneract Project in SF.

Jovan Tan

Master Teacher for Entrepreneurship

Venture capitalist, Founder & Chairman of Restorative Innovation, and serial entrepreneur since he was 20. Jovan is an advocate for innovation & entrepreneurship and in the past few years have launched & consulted many new ventures as well as educate & research in innovation & entrepreneurship studies.

Our Story

Customer Testimonials


I entered this camp slightly doubtful because I was not really sure what I was going to learn. But after the first day, I already had no regrets. We got to build a robot from LEGO parts, and programme it through coding. I also learnt how to make a pitch and some tips on starting a business. Overall, I had a lot of fun and felt I learnt a lot through this camp. The part that I enjoyed most was coding a game using the "Scratch" software. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in robotics, coding, or entrepreneurship.


I attended 2 camps and both exposed me to the different aspects of robotics, coding and entrepreneurship; which I would never have learnt if I didn't attend these camps. I was thrilled to be able to attend and would highly recommend this camp to all teenagers out there willing to learn some new life skills.

Geraldine Guo

Teaching children is an accomplishment. Getting children excited about learning is an achievement! Smarter Me’s camp was 5 days of activities jam-packed with fun learning experiences for the kids, some of which Jaden is new to! They have helped every young one discover more about themselves, so well done!

Mrs Tan

My son was so excited about robotics lesson that he wants to attend classes every Saturday. From the lessons, he has created robots based on his own design. This is important to my husband and me. We want him to express his creativity and build up his portfolio.

Ms Wong

My sons have had several teachers before this, but all they ever did was to follow instructions from a manual. However, this course is different. My children love the course and the teachers, especially how much they learned versus what they did in school. The course is structured and taught using practical examples and projects, that the children can readily understand.

Linda Tanadi

Congrats on the execution on such a fun, enriching, mindful and well thought programme. The lessons Natalia learnt, variety of experiences and most importantly, friendship and learning attitude she gained will be staying with us for a long time.

Michelle Hon

Lauren had an enriching 5 days of fun learning and exposure to a wide variety of activities at the holiday camp. I appreciate that the Smarter Me team provided teachers’ assessment of individual child along with their strengths and weaknesses. I think their observations are spot-on and would definitely explore the possibility of enrolling Lauren into more programmes!

Pooja Vishwanath

Tejas was very excited after the first day of the holiday camp. This is definitely a camp with the difference.

The Smarter Me Difference

Live Video Streaming

Our lessons are taught via live video streaming, which means students and the teacher interact with each other in real time, and any questions can be answered live!

Project-Based Learning

Each Mastery course has a clear learning outcome and a final project that students complete by the end of 12 weeks. It could be a playstore-ready app, a full Silicon Valley-style business pitch or even a new phone design!

Holistic Learning

We don’t just teach hard skills, we incorporate mindfulness, self-actualization and happiness into our curriculum. In this day and age, it’s important to help kids understand themselves, to develop grit, and to be happy.

Relevant to the Real World

Our Mastery courses are not only created by industry practitioners, but contains real-world challenges presented by our corporate partners. That’s future-employer endorsement for you. Because we don’t believe in learning, without knowing why and what for.

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